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I´ve worked hard my entire life to turn into a landlord. Despite my success, I have loser renters – young bitches always a day late and a buck short. I go to collect in person from Whitney Morgan and I run into two lazy slobs laying about on the sofa. Where the fuck is Whitney and where’s my rent. I grab the skinny one and the other one bails. I toss her ass onto the floor and then push her face into the jumble of dirty clothes on the ground. I straddle her youthful body and then hold her down while I grab some rope and tie her arms together behind her back XXXX her face down to the rug again and again. I shove a set of the filthy panties between her lips and then tell her to begin picking up the wreck with her mouth. It feels so great to place this lazy bum young thing in her area. Suddenly I feel a jolt rush through me and that I fall face down onto the heap of dirty clothes. The next thing I feel someone&severe;s breath in my neck and I jerk awake finding my wrists have been cinched tightly behind my back and my legs are all bound together. Give me my rent!!! I demand respect!!! The brunette catches a filthy pair of enormous white underwear off the ground along with then XXXX them into my mouth. Whitney aids by adding a number of layers of vet wrap round my head. I can hardly speak other than to grunt and mmmmph under the gag. Whitney reveals Rachel the best way to bind my knees together and they high five each other in victory. WTF!!!! I’m furious – just give me my fucking lease. They bend me over and wrap the rope round my neck XXXX down my head into my knees in a restrictive ball tie. Whitney mocks me binding my elbows tightly together cinching the rope tight. They laugh as they abandon me around the floor struggling and screaming into the gag.

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