– Sinz of the Flesh with Doug Jeffries 2011

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Two titans from the adult business are joining forces this week to heat up our cameras. Ricky Sinz, Doug Jeffries and I have enjoyed working together for quite some time. Ricky, who is now 31 years old and originally hails from Chicago, was born in 1981. Doug, who will turn 46 in January, proudly calls Brooklyn his home. These two guys were asked by us when they feel proud about something that they have accomplished. Ricky says that he feels proud of everything he has accomplished. Doug said that a “Doing the right thing makes you feel good.” He was giving advice to homeless kids a few weeks back on ways to keep sober and in trouble. Then, we asked them what was the greatest gift that they had ever received. Doug expressed gratitude that his father died a few years back and left him the home he had grown up in. He really appreciated that. Ricky doesnAt get many gifts, and itAs not his style to gift material items. Ricky says that you can have friends and material possessions, but not friendship. Ricky also admits that he has wanted to work alongside Doug for many years and is very happy to finally be here. Doug pulls him aside as they begin to have a sexy time. Doug falls to his knees, and he examines RickyA’s hard cock tenting of his shorts. Doug turns RickyA around to take a better look at his sex. He opens his cheeks and then goes in for more tongue. Ricky moans while Doug shoves his tongue in, and slaps the ass. Doug flicks the hot tongue at Ricky, driving him mad. Ricky stands up, and then gives Doug another thing to do with his cock. Doug wraps it around his mouth and then takes the cock down all the way to his throat. Doug idolizes RickyA, tucking his lips around it and putting his head in RickyA’s crotch. Ricky then goes south, giggling at DougA’s fatty dick. Doug is pleased that he works the meat and eats it with both his hands. Doug is not content with this. He gets up on his back, and Ricky gives him more meat. Ricky gets down on his back and gives Doug all of the meat he can get. Doug then bends over to Ricky and pulls his cock up from behind. Ricky quickly gives up and his smooth balls bounce against the hole. Ricky can’t stop rocking hard, and can’t help but jump on Doug’s meat while Doug presses him. Doug spits all of his meat on Ricky, making him grunt and moan. Doug slows down his pace a little before picking up again and bouncing Ricky onto his dick. Doug grunts as he fists Ricky. Ricky moans, “Fuck me, Daddy!” A’Awww yesA” Ricky screams as Doug takes Ricky on his cock. Ricky rides on DougA’s thick, cock-stuffed limbs in reverse cowgirl position. The dick is fucking his self silly, and he bounces around on it. Doug watches while he works on his cock. Next, Missionary gets Ricky on Doug’s back. As he strokes the meat, he slips back into his hot ass. TheyAre ready to blow soon and Ricky is able to jack his loads all over his inked abdomens. Doug then stands above Ricky and gives his batch, sending thick cargo all over RickyAs chest.

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