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Sexy Carmen Valentina is resting in her mattress. She gets up and puts on her bra and panties then she introduces in front of her mirror checking out herself. She’s wholly unaware that somebody else is checking her out too. King Noire a builder who&extreme;s working outside the house is peeping inside her window and getting super excited knowing that soon she will be his. He squeezes his penis through his trousers . When Carmen goes to the bathroom to wear lipstick the guy jimmies the window creeps inside her property. He hides around the corner of this area waiting for the ideal time to catch her by suprise. Carmen finishes her lipstick up and walks down the hallway. Suddenly the black guy catches her from behind and clamps his hand over her mouth. Carmen´s eyes go wild as she tries to scream for help, but her pathetic cries are dull as he clamps his hand tightly over her mouth. He drags her back to her room and hooks her body to him with his vice like grip over her mouth along with his other hand begins to grope and investigate her tight curvy figure whispering his menacing goals within her ear. He licks and kisses her throat as she whimpers. Carmen sobs and cries in terror knowing she is helpless in his grip as tears well up in her eyes. He pushes her to her knees and tells her how to remove his belt so he could bind her wrists along with it. He unzips his jeans and pulls out his enormous black cock making Carmen suck and lick it. He face fucks her and Carmen chokes and gags on his enormous cock. She sucks on his cock for a while then he stands her up and kisses and licks on her neck and cleavage pawing at her body as she fights and sobs. He rips off her panties leaving Carmen nude then throws her onto the mattress. He has her jumped on the mattress spread-eagle and ballgagged. Carmen begs an cries into her gag as he churns up the last rope. He stands across the bed looking down with excitement in his helpless attractiveness. He then lays along with her and begins to rub on his dirty hands over her body, kissing her as he’s dry humps her. Carmen struggles helplessly in the realms, pulling at the ropes but it’s futile she could &severe;t get away. He then strikes her big tits sucking on her nipples as his hands squeeze and fondles her tits. He’s getting really turned on and that he goes back on her pussy. He eats her pussy for a long time then fingers her pussy and plays with her clit sometimes licking his way up to her buttocks and neck then moving back to keep on feeding her pussy. Carmen&intense;s body betrays her as she moans moans in delight now as she pulls helplessly at the ropes. He then sucks her licks on her clit bringing her to climax. Carmen yells to her gag as she cums turning and twisting on the bed into the limits of their ropes holding her wrists spread-eagle. Then he pulls out is enormous thick cock and then thrusts it in her moist pussy. Carmen can&severe;t do anything that he penetrates her cunt with his huge cockher eyes roll back in her head as she’s fucked hard by the guy. Her weak feelings are conflicted as she’s still revolted and disgusted by the violent act but at exactly the same time she’s turned as his big penis fucks and stimulates her pussy. He drops her pussy hard and fast then pulls his cock out as weak Carmen wriggles helplessly onto the bed. His shoots his load of cum all over her belly he then stands up and wipes off his cock with her torn panties. She looks up at him with tears in her eyes as she grabs his clothes and leaves her still helplessly bound and gagged on the bed.

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