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It´s my man´s birthday and I want to do something really special for him. I call an escort service to hire a sexy girl to do a strip tease in front of Jim. In walks sexy girl next door Roxanne Rae from the agency wearing a super short denim mini skirt, thigh high stockings, a skimpy top and heels. Jim waits in a chair in the middle of the room. Before she begins her dance, Roxanne tells Jim that touching is not allowed, only watching. She begins her sultry teasing dance and Jim tries to grab her. Roxanne warns him again about the rules and she continues to dance very provactively in a totally come-on way. Again Jim grabs the girl´s tits and ass. Roxanne stops dancing and let´s me know I need to do something to contain Jim or she is going to leave. I grab a piece of rope and tie his hands behind her back. I tell Roxanne that I need to bind her wrists as well so that the dance is more erotic. Roxanne reluctantly agrees and let´s me tie her wrists behind her back. Roxanne continues to tease dance and just as she turns her back to give Jim a nice tease of her ass, he stands up, grabs her and throws her onto the couch where is ties her elbows tightly together. It´s time to teach the bitch a lesson. Pretty Roxanne tries to put up a fight, but Jim is so strong that it is hopeless. Jim pulls off her panties and stuffs them in her mouth and seals them in with lots of duct tape. Then he binds her ankles tightly together and lets her struggle helplessly on the couch. She wiggles down to the floor where she desperately tries to loosen the knots. Then Jim comes over with another rope. Roxanne´s eyes widen in horror and he wraps the rope around her small waist and yanks it up very tightly through her bare pussy lips and between her bare ass cheeks. Poor Roxanne cries out in pain, but Jim shows no mercy. We decide to sell the girl and we put her in more civilian clothing for transport. I dress her in skin tight jeans, a crop top and stiletto high heels. We have her hands cuffed tightly behind her back and Jim XXXX a big ballgag into her mouth. He drags her out to the car and pushes her into the back seat. Off we go to our hideout. At the abandoned warehouse we cuff her ankles and attach her wrists to a hook. Jim cranks the winch until Roxanne´s arms are in a strappado and we leave her to struggle while we arrange for the sale of her. The buyer will come to take Roxanne away and we strip her down to her panties, thigh high stockings and sexy high heels. Her wrists are bound in front of her and she struggles to get free. Jim attaches her bound wrists to an overhead hook and ballgags the poor thing again. He ties her ankles crossed uncomfortably and we let her struggle until the slavers come to get her.

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