– Bonny & Clyde REMASTERED Bonny 2013 Classics Remastered

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Bonny and Clyde have chemistry from the bedroom- theyve been together for 6 weeks and have an ingenious imaginative sex life that keeps them going day in day out. Bonny likes to take it rough with hair guy. Scratching, biting and hair pulling is just what gets her going. He actually left marks on her body scratches down her back, whack marks on her arse, and bite marks on her throat!! Clyde enjoys to take control. Throwing her about like a rag doll. After the shoot Bonny told Clyde off roughly leaving his laundry about. All of us just giggled as the national chatter kept on rolling up during their huge introduction Porno Shoot. Clyde keeps fucking her just like a machine. Her pussy is dripping, she can take it for hours. A cigarette break, then its straight into it. On the bed now and he yells her before thrusting his penis deep in her, then pounding as soon as he can. Then she gets on top in the Reverse Cow Girl position. His rhythm intensifies as he pounds her faster and harder. She&severe;s loving it. He didnt take it much longer. He´s definitely going to cum! Where will it land…?!?!

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