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Lady Bellatrix has come to visit Miss Jasmine. They are sitting together in the kitchen, talking and reminiscing over days past. Jasmine mentions Jasmine’s house bitch, so Bellatrix claps her hand and Jasmine eagerly climbs in their direction to hear their disparaging remarks. Jasmine is kind enough to say that you’re good at cooking, washing laundry, and Bellatrix responds, “aEURoeYou mean fluffing?” which causes them both to laugh. You are blushing, your cheeks are pink. Although you realize you’re not much to them, it is clear that this is where you belong.

You are allowed to be yourself by the ladies. Bellatrix is told by Jasmine that she likes to dress you as a girl, and she will have you sucking cocks every time. Jasmine continues to talk about you. She tells Bellatrix how she took you to the beach with her stuff and gave you a bonnet. And how she makes sure you don femmy clothes. After the conversation is finished, the girls will start to feed you. The girls start squashing watermelon and toss it on the ground. Bellatrix takes a bite and throws the remainder into the pile. It is soon all liquidy and the juice has gotten between their toes. Jasmine now takes one big chunk and puts it in her mouth. She then chews the rest of it and then throws it on to the ground. Their polished feet blend so well with the juice that they will let you lick all of their mess. The ladies are planning to make this drink in large quantities and sell it at $100 per bottle. You can aEURoeCrawl the house bitch, and then lick it until Bellatrix sends you.

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