– Squeal Like A Pig 2019 BallBusting

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Miss Xi giggles while she paddles her little bitch. She calls him a pig. She tells him that aEURoeSqueal is like a pigaEUR as she alternates between her paddle and her other hand. His grunts, groans, and other sounds make it more painful for her to be with him. He gives her a studded leather crop, and she really gets into his sex. Xi, who is an amoral slave, only makes it more difficult for her to work. To make him cry louder, she makes him hit harder.

His pinky-colored genitals are so adorable, she says to him. He then refers to her as a huge slab of meat. She now drives her stiletto in his ans, leaving a slowly fading white mark where she presses. Next, Xi grabs a flogger. She not only hits his ass hard but also begins to drag his soles. She finally grabs her wire flogger which is the most brutal of all and finishes off Xi. He is told to climb back up to the barn and get off of the bench. She wants him to snore all the way.

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