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You have been summoned to Miss Jasmine’s dungeon, and you are now required to kneel before her. Yours is the most depraved and sickest of all her messages. Also, she says that she understands you type while thinking about all the horrible things. However, now that she has you in her company she wants to know how you’ll react to everything she will do. She will put you through an intensive training program to make sure it’s all manageable. She wants you to smell her crotch like a dawg. You can see her pubic hair and lips when she pulls her pants up in her pussy. When you begin to pant, she is happy. Then, she stands tall and pushes her genitals into your face.

You can see her anus by her sliding her panties upwards. The fabric is pulled up by her, causing them to be pulled into her sexy bum. She laughs. aEURoeThese panties will go home with you. It is possible that you might swallow the whole thing, she asks. Then, she tells you a horrible story about a past encounter with another slave. You are reminded by her how she wants to eat everything you have ever eaten. She will show you her tampons and her underarm hair, as well as her toe jam, sweat, cum, and even her lover’s genitals. Are you willing to let go of your past and surrender your destiny? The reason why you’re bound before her is that this isn’t a sexual encounter. You didnaEUR ™,t want to have a safe word. And guess what? Now you donaEUR ™.t look scared but itaEUR()ms too late. It could be painful, it might be unpleasant. But you’ll remember it later and be proud of it.

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