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If you appeared straight stud at the dictionary, then you may locate an image of Cooper Reed. With 150 pounds of muscle packed onto his 57 frame and spilling out, virtually tearing the fabric of his t shirt, you could almost forget the way he had been tending his trousers or that his piercing sapphire coloured eyes could turn the Man in Blue green with envy. As it pertains to envy, that today’s dinosaurs hare those has to appeal to Andrew Collins, the 19 year old who had been going to provide that hunk a unforgettable flesh. Cooper Reeds charms begin at his head and head down to his feet. This stunner is leaking in confidence and oozes a masculinity which has been both intoxicating, and also nerve racking up might get his lunch money. Somewhat taller, a little milder, it looked as like Cooper would use Andrew because his personal abode, but soon found Andrews other abilities may help him work off tension which is not relived in the gym.Even since he sat on the sofa, the mass that makes up Coopers hands left most skin exposed than was covered by the cloth, leaving the dim ink of his most recent tattoo at full view and the ideal conversation starter for Andrew. Cooper stripped off his shirt to display the indicating on his arm as Andrews fingertip each so lightly hovered on the tat. His hands came in for a landing Coopers large pec and in a movement that took everybody by surprise Since Andrew attained ; Coopers tongue came in for a landing . Breaking the kiss to stand up, Cooper opened his jeanspulled his boxers down to reveal his thick , thick, uncut veiny throbber that was rock hard by the time. Cooper sat down and andrew stripped off his shirt Andrew rubbed the bulge in his red jock, and as Andrews head bobbed up and down Coopers pole. Andrew caught up, pushed the fabric of this punch to the side to let as Coopers took his own cock breathe the clue, that cock in his mouth and the bait. As Cooper fisted his still hard dick, he strong gaze Andrews attention as he hauled away on doing something right and looked up into Andrews eyes. Next, he bent Andrew over to the sofa, straddled him, spread those cheeks wide and found that an additional place to place his tongue.Cooper ate off in Andrews hole seemingly denying this wasnt his girls pussy or in the least, no longer caring. He had the fever for the flavor and also gloved up, got behind Andrew and put the company end of his penis at Andrews hole followed a push. He utilized the strap of Andrews jock as a treat to stone Andrew back and forth on his cockhe leaned forward, caught Andrews head and nearly swallowed Andrews tonsils before using a seat back to the couch and encouraged Andrew to take a seat as well. Andrew RSVPd but sitting Coopers penis, raising himself as large as he could before lowering himself , working in every inch with rate and thickness. As Andrew took a few strokes before his body released his load and shuddered Putting himself he started plowing away with renewed force. With Andrew still attempting to catch his breath, Cooper knelt beside him and allow his own load cumming in for a landing Andrews currently jizz covered stomach and chest before he stopped things how it began with a kiss

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